Episode 112 – Ephara Live Brew


In this episode Ari and I cover the Modern metagame and Post-ban Pioneer then get right into not one but two BRAND NEW Pioneer decks, brewed live and centered around Ephara, God of the Polis!

Thanks for listening!

Show Notes:

1) UW Ephara Live Brew List: http://decks.deckedbuilder.com/d/2020-01-04/ymIcOoETu0ehTNcicY1fJg==

2) Esper Ephara Live Brew List: http://decks.deckedbuilder.com/d/2020-01-04/WevhBXpebEaq_HnctrZ6Rg==

3) Updated Decked Builder affiliate link is: https://store.deckedbuilder.com/t1thoughtseize so please check them out if you are so inclined, it definitely helps us out.

4)  www.patreon.com/turnonethoughtseize


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