Episode 110 – Oregon Trail

First off, apologies for the extreme lateness of the November episodes. November was an insane month in my personal life (I changed jobs and had an unexpected death in the family) so this episode and the next one took a lot longer than expected to release.

This episode was recorded live with OG co-host Chris on Discord for Patrons right after the Pioneer announcement. The first round of bans hadn’t happened yet but it is an interesting look into what our predictions for the format would be like (we did pretty well).

Enjoy this time capsule and thanks for listening!



Show notes:

  1. Updated Decked Builder affiliate link is: https://store.deckedbuilder.com/t1thoughtseize so please check them out if you are so inclined, it definitely helps us out.
  2. We’ve spruced up the the Thoughtseize Cabal Dungeon and we’d love to have you join us. Find out more at www.patreon.com/turnonethoughtseize!

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