Episode 105 – Modern Horizons is Here!

Ari and I start the dive into Modern Horizons!  Metagame developments, winners and losers, a rundown of superlatives: Most Nostalgia, Top Competitive, Most Likely Legacy/Vintage, Most Excited (Good Cards) and Most Excited (Long Shots)!  All that plus new potential archetypes, the Spice Rack card and more!

Thanks for listening!

Show notes:

  1. Updated Decked Builder affiliate link is: https://store.deckedbuilder.com/t1thoughtseize so please check them out if you are so inclined, it definitely helps us out!
  2. We’ve spruced up the the Thoughtseize Cabal Dungeon and we’d love to have you join us. Find out more at www.patreon.com/turnonethoughtseize!


Full Episode (It’s a long one):


Split (If you want more bite sized versions):

Part 1:

Part 2:

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