Modern Horizons Free Preview!


Huge thanks to Wizards of the Coast for our SNOWtally free preview card from the upcoming set Modern Horizons!

Art by Zack Stella. From the artist:

This piece actually came together from a near-identical sketch. Sometimes that happens, where the initial idea mirrors the final. I just knew that I wanted a triangular classical art composition, a small pop of subdued warm color in the background to indicate some distant dying fires, and enough haze in the atmosphere to catch that quiet feeling you get when walking through a blizzardy snow storm at night. I did sneak a friend in, as the front left dead body.

My print store is still being constructed, but people can reach me for prints at this email ( It will eventually be at – the website is live with art, just not a print store yet.




Be sure to:

1) Check out a prerelease event at your local game store

2) Follow all of our hosts: Ahren, Ari, Chris and Emma

3) Follow all the other great content creators chosen to preview cards from the set here

4) Download DeckedBuilder (#sponsored) so you can start brewing   as soon as the Modern Horizons set is fully revealed

5) Read up on the history of Tevesh Tzat

6) Head over to Scryfall for the Number Kronch to see what might still be in the set

7) Check US out at

8) Check out the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, Stitcher, I Heart Radio and literally almost anywhere podcasts are found

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget your winter gear!

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