Episode 101 – Ari Joins the Team

Episode 101 marks the beginning of the new format for the main Turn One Thoughtseize podcast! The first episode of each month I will be joined by Pro Tour Champion Ari Lax to cover the more competitive aspects of Modern.

This week we do a deep dive into recent results, discuss card advantage in theory and practice, hit deckbuilding with packages, talk Proliferate in War of the Spark, What We’re Playing and a Spice Rack card!


Show notes:

  1. Examples of starting cores for package deckbuilding:
    1. http://decks.deckedbuilder.com/d/2019-03-30/VBsvLiA2y06XCgphPqioeA==
    2. http://decks.deckedbuilder.com/d/2019-03-30/5_Z9gEnXPU28vXEhIgW00Q==
  2. Follow Ari on Twitter: www.twitter.com/armlx
  3. Read Ari’s articles at www.starcitygames.com


Thanks for listening!

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