Episode 97 – Calling All Degenerates

KCI is dead. What is the most busted thing you can be doing in Modern right now? What is the mysterious Modern announcement at the end of the month? What cards would we add to Modern?

Long story short, Faithless Looting and Ancient Stirrings are where its at. We’ll do a deep dive on Ancient Stirrings decks next time but right now we’re going Looting!

Show notes:

1) Updated Decked Builder affiliate link is: https://store.deckedbuilder.com/t1thoughtseize so please check them out if you are so inclined, it definitely helps us out!

2) Patreon is still going strong so if you would like to join the Thoughtseize Cabal, we’d love to have you. It is at www.patreon.com/turnonethoughtseize.

3) Ryan’s Phoenix list – http://www.mtgtop8.com/event?e=21069&d=339984&f=MO

4) Jeff Carr’s Mono Red Phoenix – http://www.mtgtop8.com/event?e=21069&d=339985&f=MO


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– Ahren & Zach

INTRO SONG FEATURING Shael RileyBeefyTy Guenly and Tanner of The freakin’ Grammar Club remixed by me!


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