Episode 85 – Episode 85 – No Bans, Team Modern, Brews

We tackle the earthshaking decision to make no changes to the Banned & Restricted List, trace out some possible bans/unbans, touch on the real prep you should be doing for Team Modern, quick hits from the internet, then my Sultai Shadow list update and Zach talks about the Nexus of Fate Turbo Fog deck he brewed up for SCG Baltimore this weekend. All that and an angelic Spice Rack card!

Show notes:

1) Jim Davis’ Sultai insights – https://youtu.be/eEpCH12FWZI

2) My Sultai Death’s Shadow list – https://t.co/w3LlLxCJGG

3) We will put out Zach’s Turbo Fog list after SCG Baltimore this weekend


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– Ahren & Zach

INTRO SONG FEATURING Shael RileyBeefyTy Guenly and Tanner of The freakin’ Grammar Club remixed by me!

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