Episode 79 – Kitesail Freebooting and Battlebond Previews

The regular episode for this week is a meditation on the Human condition, with deep ponderings on what is a counterspell. Is a discard spell a counterspell? What the hell is tempo?

Our Spice Rack is the stone cold nuts mirror breaker for a very prominent matchup so don’t miss it at the end of the cast!



The Summer “Draft Innovation” set, Battlebond, is nearly upon us sporting a hefty cycle of the great reprints and a focus on Two-Headed Giant (2HG) gameplay!

We were given two Modern staples to show off: Beast Within and Spell Snare. Join us for a quick and fun discussion of these sweet cards!


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Thanks for listening and make sure to tell a friend!

– Ahren & Zach

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