Episode 75.5 – Dominaria Spoiler Minisode

* This episode is ALL spoilers so if you are avoiding them, don’t listen to this for a few weeks *

A bunch of Dominaria got spoiled due to an internal mix up. Normally we don’t discuss leaks but in this case since the information wasn’t stolen or anything and the doc ended up being posted officially we will hit some of what caught our eye.

(Spoiler of the spoiler: the set looks insane!)

Scryfall Visual Spoiler

Dominaria Release Notes

We will be doing a full show on Dominaria when the set comes out, this is just a first look at what is available now!

Get at us on Twitter, Twitch, Facebook, YouTube and good ol’ email!

Thanks for listening and make sure to tell a friend!

– Ahren & Zach


Also we did something a little different for the mastering and editing of this episode so any feedback about the audio quality, editing, etc. would be greatly appreciated. If you don’t notice a difference or it doesn’t matter to you, we’d like to hear that too.  Thanks!


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