TurnOneThoughtseize Ep 44 – The New Tier One

How many timely 90s-00s music refferences can we make in one episode? Find out as we talk about the new kids on the block when it comes to tier 1-1.5 in modern. We delve into what these decks are trying to do an how they got to the top tables recently, as well as what you can do to beat them.

We’d also like to give WotC huge props for Conspiracy 2 and the implications it has for the future of reprints.

Lastly, Ahren is off to GP Indy this weekend, if you seem him, tell him “Swamp. Thoughtseize. Go.” (or “Hey, I like your podcast) and you can get some sweet card giveaways.

As always thanks for listening,

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-Ahren + Chris

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